The Programme of the Public Debate Department aims to meet the expectations of the students of the University of Belgrade, students of other Belgrade Universities, young people and all interested citizens, striving to satisfy their need for broadening the knowledge of current issues and problems in the society in which they live. The Public Debate Programme enables its visitors to hear the opinion of the most prominent scientists, researchers, experts and art authors on different issues and to discuss with them specific issues and express their views and opinions within a profiled debate and a dialogue in form of a noble intellectual conflict.

The Public Debate Programme takes the following forms:

I.  thematic cycles / discussions / promotions / lectures,

II. round table discussions  / panel discussions / debates,

III. courses / seminars / workshops



Head of Public Debate Department Nevena Miletić Sarić

Nevena Miletić Sarić


Nevena Miletić Sarić  was born in Jagodina in 1982, where she completed the primary and secondary education. She graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Philology, at the Department of Serbian Literature and Language with Comparative Literature in 2008, where she also completed her master studies in 2009 and obtained a professional title Graduated Serbian Language Philologist – Master. She is currently pursuing her Culture and Media doctoral studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences.  She has been a Director of the Public Debate Department at the Students’ City Cultural Centre since 2018.

Previously, she worked as a teaching assistant for the course Communicology at the Faculty of Culture and Media in Belgrade (2010-2017) and was a pollster, promoter and a member of a team for market analysis and research at the marketing agency ‘JWT’ in Belgrade (2005-2008).

She is an author of several scientific papers, a co-author of ‘Lexicon of Communicology’ (Faculty for Culture and Media, Belgrade, 2012,2017), a participant at several scientific conferences in Serbia and the region, and a proof-reader of the books ‘The Basis of Management Media’ (Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad, 2009) and ‘Resetting the Reality’ (Protokol, Novi Sad, 2008).