Through public discussions, held in the framework of the Literary Department Programme, we present latest books by relevant Serbian authors and the most important translations of literary works. We are primarily concerned with new books of established Serbian poets and writers or works that bear particular current relevance in a literary season on account of awards received, the readership or attention by the expert community. In line with the specific position of the Cultural Centre, young authors enjoy a privileged status within the editorial concept and we particularly strive to foster an open critical dialogue on literary works. The Literary Programme provides students with a valuable weekly opportunity to meet with Serbian and foreign authors and translations of contemporary works, the classics and contemporary authors, young emerging authors and popular authors whose books are published in large print runs. The Programme is divided into several separate cycles, classified based on the theme and genre: Contemporary Poetry, Contemporary Novel, New Short Story Collections, Literary Theory and Critique, Literary Publications, Special Editions, Linguistic Topics.

Head of Literary Department Tamara Mitrović

Tel: 26 73 623