The Programme of the Music Department is designed to fulfil both educational and entertaining functions. One segment of the programme involves concert performances of most diverse music genres, and the other segment includes music public discussions, in which different music phenomena are theoretically explained, examined and analysed, as well as the workshops intended for enhancement of practical music performance. The Music Department collaborates with the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, the Philological-Art Faculty in Kragujevac, the Faculty for Media and Communication of the Belgrade Singidunum University, as well as with the Association of Jazz, Rock and other musicians. The Music Programme encompasses concerts of classical, ethno and popular music, music public discussions, workshops, multi-media projects carried out through departmental collaboration and festivals. In addition, the Rhythm of the Students’ City percussion workshop is organised and run in the framework of the Programme of the Music Department.

Head of Music Department Milan Sv. Đurđević 

tel. 31 91 108


Milan Sv. Đurđević - Head of Music Department 

The awarded composer of film music, well-known for his inclination towards a Hollywood music expression, was born in Belgrade in 1977, where he made his first steps in music, learning to play the violin, and later the trombone and the piano.  He graduated from the Belgrade Faculty of Music, at the Department of Composition, in the class of Prof Milan Mihajlović.

Already during his studies, he began writing music for several Spanish short and documentary films. They were followed by: Milan Tarot in 2010, directed by Ivan Ikić, Jet Set, first Serbian animated series in 2011, directed by Nenad Mitić, Kosma in 2014, directed by Sonja Blagojević, for which he received an award of the International Documentary Film Festival in Panama for the original music.

He taught at the Stanković and Mokranjac music schools for a certain period of time, where teaching profession enabled him to get an insight and invaluable experience in communication with young people.

He has been a Music Director at the Students’ City Cultural Centre since 2012. His job consists of selection and organisation of performances of domestic and foreign bands, authors and performers of classical music and organisation of workshops.

However, he has remained committed to his greatest passion – film music. He composed music for the film Chasing a Dream with Jadranka Stojaković, directed by Mladen Mitrović (a joint coproduction of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and the Council of Europe). The film was selected for the list of Council of Europe’s millennium projects and received the Audience Award at the film festival in Sarajevo in 2015.

His latest soundtrack for the film Panama, directed by a young and distinguished film-maker Pavle Vučković, had its first screening at the festival in Cannes in 2015 and it was the first Serbian debutant feature film in thirty years chosen for the main selection of the most influential and the most prestigious world film festival. In 2015, the soundtrack for Panama brought him the Fipresci Award by the National Selection of International Federation of Film Critics for the best music in the Serbian film. The soundtrack for Panama was released by a British record label and it is available on Itunes, Amazon and Spotify, both as an electronic and physical release.