Film Department

The Programme of the Students’ City Cultural Centre’s Film Department is designed to meet the expectations of educated cinema-goers and address the essential cultural and educational needs of a broader student audience, primarily the residents of the Students’ City. The Programme activities include traditional-style screenings of professional feature, documentary and animated films, organisation of film cycles, festivals and other representative programme forms, such as public discussions, talks and film lectures. The Department conducts its production activity through publishing of periodic issues of Cinematograph Series, as well as work on creation of documentary films in the framework of Pametnik - the regional Archaeology and Sociocultural Anthropology Workshop.

Head of Film Department Igor M. Toholj

tel. 26 91 442


Igor M. Toholj

Biofilmography: Born in Belgrade in 1968, Igor Toholj is an author of twenty experimental and documentary films, screened and awarded at domestic and international film festivals.

He began his career as a member of several most important cinema clubs in former Yugoslavia, including KKDOB and AFC. He studied Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy and graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, with a degree in Film and TV Editing, where he received Slavko Vorkapić Award as the best student in the generation. From 2000 to 2003 he lectured the Basics of Film Editing at the Art Academy’s Camera Department. He received scholarship from the Federazione Circoli del Cinema and studied at the Dante Alighieri University in Reggio, Calabria. He translated and edited In a Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing, a filmmaking book by a celebrated American film editor Walter Murch. He has been a member of different juries and selection committees in Serbia and abroad (Alternative film-video, Cinema city, Balkanima, Underhill, Vigil of the Soul, Short Form, Beldocs). He is a selector of Eco Dox Programme, organised in the framework of Palić European Film Festival, and Green Screen Fest Film Festival in Belgrade. From 1994 to present, he has been a Director of the Film Department at the Students’ City Cultural Centre (SCCC), where he has organised numerous film programmes, screenings, retrospectives, cycles, public discussions and lectures on aesthetics, history and theory of feature and documentary films.  In the framework of the SCCC’s Film Programme, he launched  Kinematograf (Cinematograph) Series, which published three issues on film history and theory, and Pametnik Anthropology Documentary Film Workshop (in the framework of which 8 short documentary films have been made to date), as well as Last Pantheon Serial - 12 TV programmes on film critique, with film critics from 1990’s. He works as a mentor at the Short Form Documentary Film Workshop and publishes texts on aesthetics, critique and history of film in the film journals Filaž and Camera Lucida. In 2008 he founded  Zero - film and TV production company.  Since 2012, he has been a member of documentary section of the Academy of Film Art and Science and the Art Council of the Serbian Film Centre 2012-2014.


 Selected filmography - as a director


1986. Star Wars experimental, 13'

1987. Phantasm of Death short-feature, 15'

1988. Death of Metalosaurus experimental, 3'

1988. Shooting experimental, 3'

1988. In Movie experimental, 3'

1992. Air-guns feature-experimental, 13'

1994. The Silence Remained documentary, 9'

1996. The Corridor feature-experimental,11'

1999. Bangla Borča, documentary, 57'

2000. Night Movements, Day Dreams doc. 6', Absolute Victory exp.4'

2001. Counter-Effect documentary, 6'

2003. Cinema Archaic – The Last Tour documentary 41', Turmoil experimental, 13'

2005. Three Hats For Keeps documentary, 50'

2008. The Br(e)aking Point documentary, 28'

2011. Crossing the Borders, documentary, 58', The Br(e)aking Point 2: Physical Phenomenon, documentary, 11'

2012. What’s Missing in this Picture? documentary, 39’,

2015. The Man Who Ate Himself, 22’


The Author/Coordinator  of the Annual Regional Conference Project:
The Future of European Film - Gender Equality from the Aspect of Young Film Authors, held in May 2014 at the SCCC, under patronage of Eurimages