ACADEMIC FILM CENTRE (Academic Cinema Club)

The Academic Cinema Club was founded in 1958 and since 1976 it has been operating in the framework of the Cultural Centre, under the name of Academic Film Centre. Constantly at the top of Yugoslav and Serbian alternative film-making, during over fifty years of its existence and thanks to the authors who created their films (Živojin Pavlović, Kokan Rakonjac, Tomislav Gotovac, Radoslav Vladić, Ivan Obrenov, Bojan Jovanović...),  the Centre has been an indispensable spot on the map of the European avant-garde and experimental film. The regional festival of experimental film ALTERNATIVE FILM – VIDEO (established in 1982) and the European festival of animated film BALKANIMA (established in 2003) are events in which authors, theoreticians and viewers, primarily from ex-Yugoslav, but also European cultural space, meet and exchange experiences.  ALTERNATIVE FILM ARCHIVE – the Archive of alternative film and video is an important part of the Centre’s activities, as it stores not only the films created within the Centre, but also the films screened at festivals Alternative and Balkanima and films presented on the programmes of Alternative Cinema, as well as the complete archive material related to the work of the Centre and the history of alternative film in former Yugoslavia. The Centre’s issuance of alternative film publications is an important contribution to valuation and historical analysis of this type of art creation.  Through its activities, the Centre covers all areas important for development of creativity in young people through film and digital motion picture. In addition, the Academic Film Centre also encompasses THE SCHOOL OF FILM DIRECTING, which operates in its framework.


Organiser and Producer Milan Milosavljević

Milan Milosavljević was born in Ruma in 1980. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, at the Department of Archaeology. Together with Dragan Cakić, he founded an independent film centre Vorki Tim, in remembrance to Slavko Vorkapić. Since its establishing in 2005, Vorki Tim has been organising film screenings, put up a memorial plaque in Vorkapić’s honour, produced short films and initiated Mister Vorky International Festival of One-Minute Film. Since 2009, Milan Milosavljević has been working as an organiser and producer of the Students’ City Cultural Centre’s Academic Film Centre in New Belgrade, where he also organises programmes and moderates talks with authors. He is in charge of organisation of Balkanima European Festival of Animated Film and the Alternative Film/Video Festival. He is an author of several short films and videos.  The short film 251-249=2, which he co-authored, as well as the music video Cricketant-Nordur were screened at the Kino Climates supporting programme of the Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2010. The Nadine Poulain’s short film Sky Lines, in which he worked in the production sector, was screened in the short film competition programme of 64th Berlin Film Festival in 2014. He was a member of the short film international jury at the International Film Festival in Ljubljana in 2015. Currently, he is pursuing the master studies in Digital Art at the Faculty for Media and Communication in Belgrade.

Head of Archive Programme Ivan Velisavljević

Ivan Velisavljevic

Ivan Velisavljević (Šabac, 1982), graduated from the Faculty of Philology, at the Comparative Literature Department and from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, at the Dramaturgy Department, in Belgrade. He completed his master studies in comparative literature, with the thesis on film theory, at the Zagreb University’s Faculty of Philosophy. He has worked as a journalist, columnist, film and literary critic, and his texts on film theory have been publish in the leading professional journals in former Yugoslavia, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the USA… He lectured for three years creative writing at the Faculty for Media and Communication.  As a dramaturg, he collaborated on numerous radio drama, TV programmes and theatre plays. He is an author of the book Critical Guide through the Serbian Film 2000-2007 (together with Đ.Bajić and Z. Janković). He edited the book The New Frames: Marginalised Values of Serbian Cinema (with D. Ognjanović, Clio, Beograd, 2008) and the edition of the magazine Gradac on unusual bodies / disability in culture and society (2012). Poetry books Kan (2011) and Anthology: Poets of Heteronyms (with Milan N. Lukić, 2011).  He has directed and written the screenplay for several films, out of which three were made as a coproduction of the Academy Film Centre of the Students’ City Cultural Centre. Four of his original radio dramas were broadcast on Radio Belgrade, along with about fifteen adaptations of fiction. He is the author of two performed theatre played, and as a dramaturg he collaborated on several successful theatre plays.

He received ‘Raymond  Queneau’ Prose Award, ‘Josip Kulundžić’ Award for the best published film essay, ‘Vitomir Bogić’ Award for the best young radiophonic author and the Professional Book Festival Award for a book that made a significant scientific contribution.